Kari Lohne Knudsen

I am the artist who explores landscape through abstract photography and lives in Larkollen.

For a number of years, Nature and Advertising photographer Helge Eek has been my mentor. He has contributed to the photographic expression I stand for today. Curator Cheryl Newman is also my mentor.
In the fall of 2018, a mentoring program in Art and Storytelling was completed. The program was led by curator Cheryl Newman, Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo.

One of my assignments is underwater photography for Andungene Baby Swimming/ Swimming Course.

I also teaches "Introduction to photography on system camera" and "Using camera on mobile phone". The courses are often a welfare offer for employees, inkluding The Office og the Auditor General.

GalleriKnudsen.net presents and sells my photographs.

Current Sales Exhibition:
NEMUS MossTh. Petersons gate 4, Moss
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